Nixie Isa

The home of the nixie Isa

At the foot of the Jochenstein, it is a boulder in the Danube waters, is a fairy tale castle. The charming, golden-hairy water-nymph Isa, a sister of the Loreley on the Rhine, rules in this castle.
In glamorous flickering clothes, with green reed in the hair, in a round of coloured flowers. Dives she up in bright moonlit nights from the depth. The water-nymph appears the fishermen and ship people for the warning, if dense fog of the current journey gets dangerous.

But the unfortunate ones who follow her seductive lures and her wonderful song have become a slave to her and must stay up to the eternity in her rock castle.

The tailor of the castle Krempelstein

The ship moves The Danube downstream from Passau to the ruin of the castle Krempelstein. We haven't secure informations when the castle was built and when it began to fallen into ruin. Today, a single, four-edged tower looks gloomy and sad down into the Danube. The tooth of time has gone to rack the castle. So starts the legends from the tailor, even if the Krempelstein is again well renovated and even inhabited.

A long time ago after Ritter and their followers had left the walls of the castle forever. A poor tailor has chosen the Krempelstein as abode. The good master lived in the castle ruin and lead his honourable crafts. He came from the rocky height only to the valley, when he had to accept or deliver work and if he had to buy clothes substances or food . His quiet life was amused him by the company of a goat. She jumped funny up and  down and rewarded the care of the Master, with an excellent milk.

So passed many many years. The tailor and his goat were getting older and frailer. One evening, when the master came back from a round, the goat lay dead at the castle courtyard. The tailor was inconsolable about it. The mind of the now lonely and deserted man took hold of anger and despair. In his despair he did not know what he should do. He grabbed the dead goat and tried to throw the goat down to the Danube. In the haste the horns of the animal got caught in his frock-coat and he has fallen into the depth where he found the death. Not long after this happened boatmen drag the dead master and his goat out of the waves.

Since this day till today the little castle was called the little palace from the tailor.

Autor from the German origin script: L. Bowitsch.

Source: Österreichisches Sagenkränzlein, Hans Fraungruber, Wien, Stuttgart, Leipzig 1911

Hello, children, pay attention!!!

We´ve done it: The smart colouring book with motives of the water sprite Isa is printed.

The water sprite lives according to legend, in a splendid fairy tale castle in the Danube water. Isa is therefore the symbol of this unique Danube landscape from the Three River City of Passau as far as the Bavarian -  Austrian small border village Jochenstein.

On 20 pages you are invited to paint the water sprite - either on a farm, as a snowwoman or when hiking.
With the painting competition for children till 12 years, great water-nymph packets will be drawn.


The Painting book is available free of charge at the Tourist Information (in the city hall of Obernzell)

Would you like to copy the painting book on your computer and print the master  yourself?

You can download the painting book here as a PDF file Malbuch [1.8 MB].

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